Quad Mace

Perfectly balanced hand-sculpted cast iron.

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Quad Mace


Quad mace

  • Additional length provides greater leverage
  • Slip resistant ash wood handle
  • Perfectly balanced iron and bronze head

The design for the Quad Mace was inspired by a central figure in the visionary artwork of Alex Grey.
The Quad God represents the unification of wisdom traditions of the four directions, which aligns well with the Onnit functional fitness philosophy that embraces training modalities from all over the world.
Mace training, for example, was originally developed in ancient Persia as a way to condition athletes for competition and warriors for battle. Our experts at the Onnit Academy have built upon this foundation of movement to create a virtually limitless array of training available with this one method.

The Quad Mace is one of the most beautiful fitness implements you will ever find, combining the ash wood handle, hand-sculpted cast iron head, and a resplendent bronze locking cap. But even more beautiful than the aesthetic is the functionality. Our mace is perfectly balanced, and has been durability tested to withstand 100,000 strikes without any sign of wear or stress. The additional handle length provides increased leverage for all mace training movements, and the wood handle is naturally slip resistant. The Quad Mace is truly the pinnacle of form meeting function.


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Quad Mace Workouts

Classic Mace Conditioning Workout

Full Body Barbarian Mace Workout

High Octane Fat Burning Mace Workout

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Quad Mace Video Gallery

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