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Onnit Mobility Ball


Onnit Mobility Ball


Proper physical fitness requires more than maximum strength and everlasting endurance, it requires mobility. At Onnit Academy, we call this skill “Durability,” the ability to sustain work while withstanding wear or damage, a facet that is impacted largely by soft tissue health and joint health in general. With that in mind, we developed a group of tools that will help you quickly enhance overall mobility: Mobility Bands and Mobility Balls.

Mobility Ball

Self-myofascial release is an effective way of improving mobility by applying pressure to specific muscles and trigger points throughout the body. The Onnit Mobility Ball is specifically designed to give you ideal pressure with specially selected materials and carefully tested dimensions.

Engaging the myofascial tissue with the Onnit Mobility Ball will allow you to improve circulation, activate the stretch reflex of the muscles (especially surrounding large muscle groups like those of the quads and hamstrings), and relax overworked musculature (something you’ve undoubtedly experienced if you’re serious about your training).

Unlike the broad surface of foam rollers, the Onnit Mobility Ball’s 62mm diameter allows you to target specific trigger points, and it’s firm surface enables consistent pressure into the muscles, allowing you to break up fascial adhesions.

The overall effect is increased circulation to sore muscles, enabling faster and more efficient recovery.

Benefits of Mobility Balls

  • Effective self-myofascial release facilitation
  • Ideal 62mm diameter for muscle penetration
  • Firm surface for enhanced myofascia manipulation


What Is Fascia?

Fascia maintains structural integrity and resists both internal and external forces. For sound and efficient movement, the fascia surrounding the functioning areas must be intact, properly distributed, and free of constraint. The fascia system may break down or become restricted due to trauma, poor posture, or inflammation. This creates anatomical and biomechanical imbalances that can limit freedom of structural movement, impair posture, and even cause pain. Good movement and posture allow for proper flow in blood and lymphatic vessels, which in turn may contribute to increased metabolite circulation and metabolism in other oxidative tissues, thus potentially increasing duration and quality of subsequent performance. (2).

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