10′ Royal Battle Jump Ropes 1.5″

Core, Agility, & Strength Training in One.

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10' Royal Battle Jump Rope 2″
40' Royal Battle Rope 2″
50' Royal Battle Rope 2″

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Battle Ropes


Onnit Royal Battle Ropes

For centuries the question of how to create the peak heart rate effect of an all out sprint while using largely your upper body went unanswered. Even an explosion of punches, while exhausting, still only exerts force outward, not adequately engaging the ‘pulling’ muscles. Enter John Brookfield, a strongman pioneer known for ripping 60 decks of cards in half in 60 seconds. He pioneered the art of ‘battling ropes’ by maneuvering them in a variety of both linear and circular motions to create a peak heart rate sprint for your upper body.

Mixed Martial Artists were some of the early adopters to this training technique, for obvious performance based reasons. However, battle ropes have now become a staple of any weight loss, shredding, or cardio regimen, due to the minimal joint strain and maximal aerobic and anaerobic output.

Key Benefits:

  • StaminaUpper Body Stamina
  • Heart RatePeak Heart Rate Cardio
  • Punching PowerPunching Power

Our polypropylene ropes are originally designed to withstand the rigors of the shipyard. Whereas manilla ropes can rot, retain water, and usually leave a trail of fibers, our battle ropes provide excellent weight while remaining virtually water, weather, and shed proof. The ends of the rope are wrapped with special vinyl tape for additional grip support.

Battle Rope Weights

10' 1.5" Battle Jump Rope4.5lbs
10' 2" Battle Jump Rope6lbs
40' 2" Battle Rope21lbs
40' 1.5" Battle Rope17lbs
50' 2" Battle Rope30lbs
50' 1.5" Battle Rope24lbs

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Onnit Battle Ropes Workouts

Done in 60 Seconds (Intermediate)

This is an all out 60 second sprint that will leave you gasping for air. Quick transitions and high intensity are key. DO NOT PACE YOURSELF. It is best if you have a partner to help manage the stopwatch, because between the sweat, groaning, (and possibly tears) it may get complicated.

  • 10 Seconds Double Slams
  • 10 Seconds Alternating Wave
  • 20 Seconds Hip Toss
  • 10 Seconds Alternating Uppercuts
  • 10 Seconds Jump Slams

Repeat x3

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Onnit Battle Ropes Video Gallery

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