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One Mat to Rule them All

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Multi Mat


Multi Mat

One Mat to Rule them All

Train anywhere with the multi-purpose Onnit Multi-Mat. With special attention paid to creating the ideal thickness, texture and slip resistant grip for multiple modalities, the Multi-Mat is perfect for broad spectrum fitness needs. The polyurethane coated base topped with recycled rubber reduces aerobic impact on your joints, while providing epic durability. The Onnit logo and crest is debossed into the rubber itself, and guaranteed to stay powerful for the lifetime of the mat.

Onnit Multi-Mat For Yoga

The Multi-Mat is especially good for yoga modalities that do not involve swimming in lakes of sweat. The Mat is designed to absorb and utilize moisture, but after excessive saturation the sweat will pool and the Mat may become slippery. While the thickness is ideal for holding a variety of standing, kneeling or lying positions we recommend using with a towel if sweaty yoga is part of your practice.

Onnit Multi-Mat for Boot Camps

Boot camps can go down anywhere at anytime. The multimat will serve as a great launchpad for any kettlebell or bodyweight boot-camp training. The firm yet flexible surface will smooth out any minor imbalances in the ground providing a more stable base, and no pesky little weeds or stickers will make it through the recycled rubber.

  • Material: Polyurethane and Recycled Rubber
  • Dimensions: 180cm Length x 65cm Width x 0.5cm Thickness

Multi-Mat Detail View

Onnit Multi-Mat Details


  • Designed so you can train anywhere
  • Perfect for broad spectrum fitness
  • Ompact-absorbing
  • Epic durability

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