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Private Reserve Single Estate Light Roast Coffee

  • Single Estate
  • Sustainably Grown
  • Clean processed for quality & purity
  • Whole bean
  • Hand roasted by a master roaster

Flavor Profile

Onnit Colombian Amber is a light roast with mellow acidity and a strong caramel sweetness. It has a medium body with a smooth, complex taste containing citrus notes of orange, grapefruit, and lemongrass, with a very clean finish.


Introducing Single Estate Light roast coffee made exclusively for Onnit by Caveman Coffee Co. After working closely with the master roasters at Caveman Coffee Co, we are proud to present this first edition private reserve we call Colombian Amber.

Finding coffee that’s from a single source is great. Our unblended coffee beans can not only back to their geographic region in Colombia, but the individual farmer and family-operated farm responsible for growing them. In other words, our beans are even better than single source, they’re Single Estate.

The beans are hand-picked only when they are ripe, then washed and dried to ensure the highest quality and purity.


Our Partner

We partnered with Caveman Coffee to create this signature roast. Our Colombian Amber coffee uses beans that come from a single estate in Colombia.

We’re a part of this world and believe in sustainable farming practices, both to respect and protect the environment. Likewise, our coffee is raised and harvested employing ethical labor practices. We are proudly certified by both The Rainforest Alliance and The UTZ.

After being picked and cleaned, our beans are sent to the high altitude and dry climate of New Mexico. With a little help from the “Dean of Beans” Keith Jardine, Caveman’s award-winning Master Roaster perfectly roasts the beans, ensuring they never burn. Each batch is then quickly shipped to provide the freshest product possible.


Contents and Purity

Caffeine: 1.12%

Chlorogenic Acid: 2.34%

Purity: This coffee has been tested to be below detectable thresholds for both mold and mycotoxins.