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Battle Ring Suspension

Battle Ring Suspension System

If you want to make your calisthenic training a little more dynamic, you may have already considered gym rings or some type of suspension system. Before you go out and buy anything, you need to consider something new and even more functional than those options; it’s called the Battle Ring Suspension System. This rope is 10′ long and 1.5″ thick.

What is Battle Ring Training?

Battle Ring training uses gravity and your bodyweight to give you hundreds of exercises that can enhance your strength, conditioning, and agility like no other tool available. Perform hundreds of calisthenic-based movements in a variety of ways to increase your ability to move in new, dynamic ways.

While you can perform typical suspension exercises similar to gym rings, the unique features of this training tool also allow for hanging rope drills and pulling exercises that haven’t been available before now.

Who is the Battle Ring Suspension System Good For?

Anyone can rapidly enhance their functional performance with Battle Rings using hundreds of drills;. even so, the people who may benefit the most are fighters and obstacle course racers.

As any good fighter knows, your ability to quickly grasp and hold an opponent in a firm grip is crucial to success. The 1.5” rope that Battle Rings are made from has a similar dimension and feel to a Gi or an opponent’s wrist. For that reason, every movement you perform with a Battle Ring will translate into functional grip strength that you can apply to your next bout.

Most popular obstacle courses feature rope climbs, swings, and pulls. What better way to train for those challenges than with a rope? Rather than requiring you to find a gym with a hanging rope or setting one up yourself, all you need is Battle Rings and a pull up bar to enhance your abilities for the next race!

How are Battle Rings Different from Other Suspension Systems?

Battle Rings add a new element to typical suspension exercises. Rather than using a comfortable foam handle, you’ll be using something more challenging, a 1.5” battle rope. Similar to the benefits of Battle Rope training, Battle Rings require additional grip strength that translates into functional benefits for fighters and obstacle course racers as already explained.

Better yet, Battle Rings don’t have to be simply hung over a pull up bar. They can be quickly configured to drop one side closer to the ground, or hung from one end to give you a climbing rope that is almost 10 feet long!

You could even attach a kettlebell to one end for some killer pull exercises. No need for a bulky cable system, AND you get more functional benefits.

What Types of Exercises Can You Perform with Battle Rings?

Battle Ring exercises can be broken down into three types: Double Ring Drills, Single Ring Drills, and Hanging Rope Drills. Each type has tons of different exercises that can be performed to specifically target the upper body, lower body, and core, as well as full-body dynamic movements as well. We’ll be releasing hundreds of exercises and routines in the Onnit Academy database.


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Battle Ring Suspension System Workouts

Advanced Battle Ring Suspension Workout for Strength & Power

Get ready to build strength and power through explosive suspension drills involving full body movements.

Counterweight Pulling Suspension Workout

By attaching a kettlebell to one end of your Battle Ring Suspension System, you can quickly access a variety of functional pulling exercises. Use this quick workout to build upper body, lower body, core, and rotational strength using 5 movements.

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Battle Ring Suspension System Video Gallery

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