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Clinically studied to help healthy individuals support memory, focus, and processing speed. Now in a fast acting, delicious drink mix

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How Alpha BRAIN Instant Optimizes You


Alpha Brain Instant is our fastest way to help optimize your mental performance, without the use of any stimulants. In two double-blind trials, the Alpha Brain formula has demonstrated it has the ability to help improve memory, focus, and processing speed in healthy adults by targeting neurotransmitter precursors directly. This means Alpha Brain may help you remember names and places, focus on complex tasks, and improve your reaction time to external stimulus.†

Mental Performance


“Alpha Brain Instant does what an energy drink wishes it could. Acting directly on the neurotransmitters, there are no stimulants to send you on the rollercoaster, and the clinically tested formula has shown benefits to memory, focus and processing speed in healthy adults.

This is the ultimate ‘get s*** done’ formula.

In my opinion, nootropics with earth grown nutrients like Alpha Brain Instant are going to be as commonly utilized as caffeine to enhance mental performance. And as a bonus, these naturally flavored drinks are pretty damn tasty and refreshing.”

– Aubrey Marcus, Onnit Founder.

Delicious On-The-Go Fuel

Alpha Brain Instant is on-the-go fuel for your neurotransmitter system. Just mix in water and you have a delicious, refreshing beverage packed with earth grown nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids in a proprietary formula that has been clinically tested to help support memory, focus and processing speed in healthy adults.


The advantage of the powdered drink mix over original Alpha BRAIN is that you save the time it takes for the body to dissolve the capsule. The nutrients get delivered right away to your stomach, expediting absorption and how quickly they can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Alpha Brain can be used daily and is ready for integration into your routine, showing no significant adverse effects in 2 clinical trials and 4 years of use by our customers. If you aren’t using Alpha Brain yet, you are in a mental fight with a proverbial hand tied behind your back.


At the core of Alpha Brain Instant is earth grown nutrients. These are plants that have evolved alongside mankind, and in many cases like the Ayurvedic herb, Bacopa, have a history of use for millennia. Huperzia Serrata contains a potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, Huperzine A, that has shown the ability to enhance areas of cognition on its own. AC-11, despite the technical name, is extracted from Cat’s Claw, a revered Amazonian herb. Onnit is the only company in the world that has the right to use this exciting herbal extract in nootropic formulations.

The advantage of using earth grown nutrients is the overwhelming amount of data on safety. While chemical compounds often only have a few years of data with a limited subset of consumers, often times earth grown nutrients have thousands of years of utilization by people all over the world. This makes us even more confident that our formulas like Alpha Brain Instant are truly safe for daily use.



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Alpha BRAIN Research

The cognitive performance improvements of Onnit’s flagship nootropic were analyzed by two double blind, randomized, placebo controlled trials performed at the Boston Center for Memory.

In the flagship study over 60 subjects were assessed in multiple areas of cognitive function. By the end of the study, the subjects who were randomly assigned to take Alpha Brain for 45 days showed significant improvement (p<0.05) in the areas of executive function, verbal memory and processing speed.

This trial is one of the first studies of a multi-ingredient nootropic supplement to show improvement in these areas and provides a framework for further nootropic research.† The data has been accepted for presentation at the International Society of Sports Nutrition and future publication.

Though many of the individual compounds in Alpha BRAIN have shown cognitive benefits in prior studies, Onnit aimed to test the complete Alpha BRAIN formula in a population of healthy individuals with above average intelligence.

The ability to recall a long list of words was significantly greater in the subjects who comprised the Alpha BRAIN group. This finding replicated initial data from a pilot study that also showed memory enhancement, amounting to a total of 80 subjects who completed the cognitive testing.

California Verbal Learning Graph

A randomized subset of subjects from the clinical trial participated in having their brain waves and processing speed measured by electroencephalogram (EEG). Despite the smaller sample size, robust differences were found in the brain wave frequency detected when subjects relaxed and closed their eyes. Subjects who took Alpha BRAIN had a higher frequency peak Alpha Wave, a type of synchronous neural oscillation that reflects a state of calm focus and attention.

Peak AlphaTheta/Beta Ratio



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