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Spirulina & Chlorella


Spirulina & Chlorella

Super Greens for Super Humans

Greens. The proclaimed enemy of many a child, greens are one of the most important parts of any well-rounded and nutrient-rich diet. Unfortunately, it is difficult to ingest adequate amounts of these nutrient-rich greens for several reasons. Salads, now ubiquitous, are often not much more than a bit of cellulose (fiber) and some water, making them a pleasant vehicle for the delicious toppings, but offering very little in terms of the important alkaline-forming vitamins and minerals. Vegetables, once canned, frozen, or cooked also lose a great percentage of their nutritional value. Both spirulina and chlorella are forms of algae which provides an extremely potent and well-balanced nutrient profile. Excellent for helping the body detoxify, assisting with a strong immune system, and rounding out a well-balanced diet, these easily absorbed tablets also alleviate the strong taste that comes with most powdered or liquified green food supplements.

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Spirulina & Chlorella Research

Spirulina and chlorella are two types of consumable algae that serve as excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. As a dietary supplement, spirulina and chlorella are approximately 55% protein, contain all the essential amino acids, and are primary sources of omega-3 fatty acids. As one of the world oldest food sources, this 50/50 blend of consumable algae has incredible detoxifying and immune-assisting properties that make it one of the best-known superfoods available.

Boost Liver Health and Remove Toxins

Chlorella supplementation has been shown to assist in accelerating the clearance of heavy metals and removal of exogenous toxins through improving liver function. Animals fed a diet containing chlorella showed significant decreases in blood mercury concentrations (fig. 1){source}. Chlorella has a protective effect on the liver by reducing the accumulation of heavy metals {source}.

Diminish Oxidative Stress

The anti-oxidants in spirulina and chlorella have been shown to benefit individuals with health complications. A review of three clinical studies by Virginia Commonwealth University cites a variety of health benefits from the consumption of chlorella {source}. A double-blinded, placebo-controlled study of smokers, a group typically at high risk for oxidative damage, conserved plasma anti-oxidant nutrient status when supplemented with chlorella (fig. 2) {source}. The protective effects of spirulina and chlorella support its use as component of a healthy diet.

Enhance Immunity

Chlorella has direct immuno-enhancing effects on the cell types responsible for recognizing foreign particles and fighting challenges. Eight weeks of chlorella supplementation helped the body to increase the activity of natural killer cells and cytokines in healthy humans (Fig 3.){source}. While chlorella exerts its effects through stimulation, spirulina has separately been show to interfere with certain inflammatory processes {source}. The combination of these two nutrient sources can help strengthen the immune system’s ability to respond to immune challenges.

Algae: The Original Superfood

Blue-green algae has a long history as a valuable food source for ancient civilizations, such as the Aztecs, yet the array of benefits of Spirulina and Chlorella on the human body has only recently been uncovered. Packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, spirulina and chlorella can help the body aid the liver in detoxification and assist in elevating the immune system to help maintain optimal health. Daily incorporation of this superfood is a highly recommended component to an enhanced dietary nutrient profile.

Spirulina & Chlorella Ingredients & Use

Spirulina Ingredients

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When you’re looking at quality, utilizable proteins, spirulina and chlorella are at the top of the list. Animal-based protein is only about 20 or 30% utilizable. Spirulina and chlorella protein is about 60% utilizable, and the phytonutrients that come with it really help to boost the nutrient profile.

AJ HAWK   Super Bowl Champion

This is another supplement I believe helps with my digestion and overall well being. It feels good to take some of these throughout the day to ease your stomach and make you feel as of you did get enough greens on days when whole foods weren’t available.


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