Onnit started with a humble goal to create effective combinations of natural supplements to elicit peak performance. With the nootropic Alpha BRAIN, our team of elite doctors and formulators targeted the neurotransmitters directly, building a nutrient-based, stimulant-free formula to help bring mental focus and cognitive function to the pinnacle of one’s capability. With preliminary Alpha BRAIN clinical trial data pointing to statistically significant improvements in important measures of brain function, Alpha BRAIN has become one of the most respected and well-known nootropics in the world. Following the same successful methodology of clinically tested earth grown nutrient combinations, we are challenging long held beliefs of what is possible for nutritional supplements.

We also realize that nutrition is the foundation for peak performance and simply feeling great. Partnering with world-renowned weight management and performance coach Mike Dolce, we set about offering foundational foods to help support a healthy lifestyle. Hemp FORCE, our flagship protein, contains a complete amino acid profile along with supportive nutrients that are both delicious and highly beneficial to optimal function. The Earth Grown Nutrient Powerfood is another staple of our dietary foundation as it offers a bounty of 24 natural ingredients, which run the gamut of green foods, sea greens, colorful fruits, high antioxidant nutrients, probiotics, and enzymes.

Onnit has never subscribed to the belief that just because something is commonly practiced, it means that it is optimal. Working with some of the world’s top athletes and coaches we took a fresh look at the ways to achieve peak performance through fitness, building great bodies that look and perform superbly. We found that some of the most effective methodology was anything but conventional. Kettlebells – including our flagship kettlebell, the Primal Bell – are only the starting point for our training program, which includes our Steel Maces, SteelBells, Heavy Clubs, and Battle Ropes. Whether you are looking to burn fat, build muscle, or improve functional athletic capability, the Onnit fitness program has a variety of time-tested tools to help you on the path to Total Human Optimization.




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 Alpha BRAIN

Clinically studied to help healthy individuals support memory, focus and processing speed

New MOOD 60s

Designed to help the body with healthy mood balance and mental stress reduction.

EGN lemon MINT flavor

All-in-One Daily Greens, Antioxidant, and Replenishing Herbs

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Record [W L D] :2 – 1 – 0

Submission : 0 Wins – 0 Losses
TKO/KO : 1 Wins – 0 Losses
Decision :1 Wins – 1 Losses

Age : N/A

Height :1.66 m

Reach :170 cm

Strengths :Incredibly strong

Well rounded
Accurate striking

From :South AFrica

Fighting out of : KYALAMI

Gym : PHIT

Trainer : N/A