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Primal Revolution



Onnit is perhaps best known for it’s groundbreaking, clinically validated supplement  line, but it goes a lot deeper than that.  Whether you are like one of the elite performers found on our Pro Team, or just an everyday sort of hero looking to make the most of life, Onnit is a pledge to help you find the answers and the tools to reach your full potential—in your body and in your life.

Our mission at Onnit can be summarized in three words: total human optimization (THO). As our founder and CEO Aubrey Marcus likes to say, THO is a commitment to get strong in the places where we are weak, become great in places where we’re good, and shine a light on the stuff we need take a look at. Supplements play a part in that, but they can’t take you all the way on their own.















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Featured Athlete / Entertainer


Kyle Warner is a professional mountain bike racer from Chico, California. He grew up helping care for his mother while she battled sickness and depression and also taking care of things around the house as much as possible. When he was 15 he received a work permit to support their household. He immediately quit football and started working at a local bike shop. The rest is history. He fell in love with riding and the freedom it brings. The ability to get outside and clear his mind he says, “literally saved my life as a troubled teen.” Fast forward to 2015 and he is the 2x defending champion in the North American Enduro Tour. The NAET is the nations largest Enduro MTB series and is the second highest level of racing in the sport. His goals are to step up to the Enduro World Series and work his way towards becoming a world champion, and more importantly acting as an extremely positive advocate for cycling.

The reason I choose ONNIT is that my livelihood literally depends on performing at the highest level I am capable of, both physically and mentally every weekend during the season. Mountain biking is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports in the world and I can trust that ONNIT is using the best ingredients possible to help give me the best chance of achieving my goals.
Kyle Warner